Additions Price List

  • Our Funeral Option


    Professional services to include, 
    Provision of a motor hearse,
    Collection & Care of the deceased,
    All appropriate forms, Administration & Professional Advice
    Supply of a oak veneer coffin fully fitted with the appropriate furniture,
    Attendance, Funeral Director and Bearers on the day of the funeral.

  • Funeral option up Grades for Cremation Funeral


    Canterbury coffin
    Medium Mahogany finish,
    6 Yorkrem handles & wreath Holders
    Double raised lid & embossed panels

  • Hardwick coffin


    Medium Oak finish,
    6 Yorkrem handles & wreath Holders
    Double Beading and Beaded lid.

*Other options are available on request

  • Funeral option up Grades for Burial Funeral


    Kensington coffin
    Light Oak,
    6 Fleur handles & wreath Holders
    Solid Oak, Double Beading and Butt joints.

  • Sandringham coffin


    Medium Mahogany,
    6 Oscar handles & wreath Holders
    Solid Mahogany, Double Beading, Double raised lid and Classic Panels

*Other options are available on request

Additional and Third party fees which could be added to the funeral

  • Cremation Fee
  • Purchase of a new grave & Interment fees
  • Doctors fee (For medical certificates for a cremation)
  • Church Fee
  • Officiant to lead a funeral service (Minister / Celebrant)
  • Different coffin selections, Solid Wood, Picture
  • Coffins, Painted Coffins, Eco/Wicker coffins,
  • Cardboard coffins.
  • Alternative hearse options (Motor Cycle, Horse
  • Drawn carriage, VW Camper Van)
  • Limousine hire
  • Order of Service Booklets
  • Obituary notice in the local paper (The Sentinel)
  • Floral Tributes
  • Catering, Venue,
  • Cremated remains caskets, (Traditional and picture) and Metal Urns & Keepsakes
  • Cremated remains keepsake Jewellery
  • Memorials

*(All of the above prices are available on request)

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